Sidney Crosby’s NHL Media Tour+

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Tyler Seguin - Biosteel Draft

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chase de leo used my picture as his last instagram picture i’m honoured

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In 2014, Jonathan Toews and Canadian Tire created a commercial that celebrated the coaches, rinkflooders and volunteers in his community that helped him achieve his goals growing up. To honour Hockey Canada’s 100th Anniversary, Canadian Tire and Hockey Canada are celebrating 100 ‘Heroes of Play’ across Canada that enable hockey in their communities. Jonathan is contributing his jersey from the commercial so that it can be cut into pieces and sewn into 100 red jackets that will be awarded to each ‘Hero of Play’. It connects the highest level of hockey to its grassroots because we all play for something bigger than ourselves: We All Play For Canada.

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“When we brought him down to Dallas, he reached out to me. He admitted he made some mistakes. He talked about being on that team, and how everybody was married, and he’d walk out after games and he’d think, ‘Where am I going?’

“And he made some wrong choices. But what I’ve found so far — he has a huge heart and he wants to be a good person and do the right things. We’ve had some great talks. He’s an honest kid. He’s willing to accept he made some wrong decisions and learn from them. We haven’t had any kind of problem with him at all.”

Stars Coach Lindy Ruff on Tyler Seguin (via kanerd)

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Teuvo’s Journey to the NHL, Part 3 [x]

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